In Natal, in the north of Brazil, the historic first launch of a Brazilian rocket is about to take place. A couple lives with their two children near the space center . He is a mechanic and she is a cleaning lady, but she dreams of other horizons…


I gotta look good for the Apocalypse is  an experimental animated short, mixed with virtual games’ cut and still life paintings drawn by Ayce Kartal. There is a funny contrast between these two media, with a feeling of digital coldness from games’ cuts and brushwork’s heat from paintings.

Electric bodies

In a future where biological bodies are replaced by biomechanical ones, anyone can change appearance following their mood, as long as they can afford it. But those who can’t pay the rent of their expensive bodies are forced to abandon them. This is what threatens the cloud player Emma Beaufort.

Lockdown diary

Weijia Ma is a Chinese animated director. We produced her last short film Step into the river which was awarded in Chicago Int’ FF and Dok Leipzig. My quarantine bear was shot during the fabrication of the animation.


In 1752, on Reunion Island, Soa, a former Malagasy slave, thinks she has found a tunnel that would take her back to Madagascar. When her brown village falls under the threat of slave hunters, Soa has to face an inevitable choice, abandon her family or flee to finally return home.


In the south of Tunisia, two football fan brothers bump into a donkey lost in the middle of the desert on the border of Algeria. Strangely, the animal wears headphones over its ears.


Tayra and I grew up on a beach in the north east of Brazil. We were inseparable. The sea breeze brings me back happy memories.

cesar award of best animated movie

S. , 8 years old, is a little Turkish girl with an overflowing imagination. She is keen on nature and animals. As she is in hospital, she is looking back on happy holidays in her grandparents’ village, but dark and terrifying memories emerge and, little by little, begin to make sense.

step into the river

Lu and Wei are two young girls living in a village nestled on the banks of a river where some families drown baby girls in the river in order to have boys. The two girls have a special bond with this river. Together, they will find a magical strength to overcome the traumas of the past.

promising young girl

Anita, a young Indian living in the US, returns to India for her sister’s wedding. She counts on her husband’s support to announce some great news. All excited, her family immediately assumes Anita is having a baby, but their joy is short-lived. Anita found a new job.


In a small Brazilian town, a teenage girl works everyday in a eucalyptus forest where she chases ants away with pesticides. Yet, her inner struggle turns out to be the real fight.

CRAbs in a bucket

Rage, chaos and confusion consume Callan’s mind, creating a destructive environment for all those around him. Only the solitude of the underwater world is capable of soothing his volatility. But when his base instincts are left unchecked, the violence he is capable of displays its full potential.

from time to time I burn

Louise is a photographer who seeks the symbiosis of bodies. Her encounter with Tereza, a young girl who shows up at her studio for a photo session, will disturb both of them more than they imagined.

Watch your step!

While working on a construction site, Martin falls from a roof. His right leg and arm in a cast, Martin can not work anymore but his boss refuses to compensate him after the incident. His pregnant wife, Jeanne, decides to solve this situation in her own way.


While he works at the exit toll leading to Tehran airport, a young man feels stuck in his everyday life and dreams of fleeing abroad.

A barking birdy

Birdy Wouaf Wouaf is an adorable bird used to be pampered by his family. But from the day he starts barking, his dad drives him out. A series of misfortunes goes until he runs across another croaking chick.

The flight

This unique film made by the japanese director Hajime Kimura is composed of 2400 images created one by one with Photoshop only using the penbrush tool that gives a blurry hand-painted aesthetic.


June 2013. Demonstrators occupy Istanbul’s Taksim Gezi park . While the tension and police brutality rise in the streets, the turkish TV broadcasts documentaries about penguins. Backward Run is a self-censored film criticizing this press censorship. Ayce Kartal

What remains of you

Michel and Sophie only knew each other for a few months. They met when Michel came for work, for a couple days or even a single night. One day, as Michel arrives at Sophie’s to surprise her, he finds her dead body in bed. In shock, Michel will tackle the situation in a very peculiar way, ultimately getting over his mourning.

blurry beings

In a world pervaded by fog, humans can no longer see. Neither the landscapes around us, nor their bodies. The story tells the quest of a young woman looking for her own face.


Alain is a little boy from the Reunion Island born on the wrong side of the tracks. To earn a few pennies, he recites Arthur Rimbaud’s poems to drivers stuck at the red light. One day, Alain is invited to Guillaume’s birthday who lives uptown.

A journey on reunion island

Reunion Island. Cassandre is a 12 year old girl whose father just died. One morning, she runs away in direction of the Circus of Mafate. She wishes to honor the last will of her dead father. But on her way back home, she gets lost.

on tiptoes

It’s Elias’s thirtieth birthday, an opportunity to display and celebrate his professional success. Behind the scenes however,  his relationship is falling apart. 

a disastrous bachelorette party

Constance, a successful lady in her thirties , is leaving for her bachelor party. Once arrived, her dream turns short: her fiancé informs her he is breaking the engagement. Unable to tell her friends, Constance has to confront this harsh reality by herself.


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