Places I’ve Called My Own

A Sushma Khadepaun short
28 min | 2023 | France, India

After several years in the US, Zee, in the midst of her MAP process, returns to India for the funeral of her father. There, she finds a mother in denial about her sexual orientation, an ex-girlfriend who has rebuilt her life with a man, and the shadow of the paterfamilias that continues to hang over the home.

A Les Valseurs & Off Season Films

Director : Sushma Khadepaun
Producers : Damien Mergherbi, Justin Pechberty, Avantika Singh
Cinematographer : Alana Mejia Gonzalez
Cast : Aditi Vasudev, AmardeepJha, Bhoommika Dube

Support : CNC, France 3


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