Lo-tech Reality

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A Guillermo García López afrofuturistic short

8 min | 2022 | France, Spain, USA

Against the post-industrial landscape of Detroit, visitors arrive from the sky on the trail of clues to rebuild their own world. They find no humans; nothing remains but the vestiges of a lost capitalist chimera, a programming failure in a perpetual mechanical loop. But among the images and sounds of the emptied city, they detect a coded transmission, a secret kept by faceless guardians. An afrofuturistic dream, a techno hope.

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A Les Valseurs, Sintagma, Undeground Resistance production

Director : Guillermo Garcia Lopez

Producers : Marina Garcia Lopez, Cornelius Harris, Damien Megherbi & Justin Pechberty

Music : Mike Banks

Script : Guillermo Garcia Lopez

Editor : Guillermo Garcia Lopez

Cinematographer : Guillermo Garcia Lopez

Sound : Barto Alcaine, Adrien Koumrouyan, Guillermo Garcia Lopez

  1. Zinebi | Spain (2022)
  2. Ann Arbor Film Festival | USA (2023)


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