With Naomie

Dumas Macon’s first documentary
52 minutes 2022 | France, Haïti

In Haiti, it is not uncommon to see children from rural countryside being sent to wealthier families of the capital to have access to an education; in exchange, they live their childhood in a state of servitude. Naomie, the director’s cousin, is no stranger to him. When he was a kid, he saw Naomie leave her house to come to his family when she was 7. It is now time for them to confront their past.

A Les Valseurs, Muska Films & Chronoprod coproduction

Director : Dumas Maçon

Producers : Gaethan Chancy, Jeff Maggi, Damien Megherbi, Gilbert Mirambeau Jr, Justin Pechberty

Cinematographer : Sébastien Denis

Editor : Karim-Daniel Clesca

Soung : Roudie Rigaud Marcelin

Music : Jérôme Rossi

Support : Doc Monde, SCAM, Jeune Création Francophone, Procirep Angoa, CNC, Tënk, Canal +

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