A Nara Normande & Tião feature

Feature | 2023 | France, Brazil

Summer 1996, northeast of Brazil. In the small village of Garça Torta, Tamara enjoys her last holidays before leaving for preparatory studies to enter college. One day, she hears about a girl with a scar across her chest nicknamed Heartless. Over the summer, Tamara feels a growing attraction for this mysterious girl.

A production Les Valseurs, Nefertiti Film & CinemaScópio

Directors : Nara Normande & Tião

Producers : Justin Pechberty, Damien Megherbi

International Sales : The Party Film Sales

Support : CNC (Aide au cinéma du monde), National Film Agency’s Fundo Setorial du Brésil

Residences : 2020 Torino Feature Lab, 2020 IFP Week