Rules of Success, funny and meta

Originally published on Animación Para Adultos

Rules of success succeeds in a tour de force. First of all, it is a successful and very funny film: I wouldn’t be surprised if it triggers more than one laugh in a movie theater. But it is not only a comedy: it is also an inspired satire of Western society and the most ridiculous aspects of the job market. Rules of Success is also a meta work; the credits appearing twice, until the main character rebels against their appearance.
Although the aesthetics of the film remain classic, it is interesting from an artistic point of view and underlines the purpose of the film. Finally, the main character is so unique and has so much potential that he could be the hero of his own series: the adventures of a forty-year-old man who lives with his mother, a man who has never worked and who keeps a blog revealing the keys to success. You won’t deny the potential of such a promise.